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  1. well i think we all know that when you when you take hullicinogens like lsd or shrooms your pupils get really really big....

    some of us also know that when we take things like vicoden you pupils get really really small....

    so what im wondering is if you say took 2 hits of acid and 20 mg of vicoden would your pupils still get really or big...or really small? or would they be a normal size?

    im wondering this cause i wanna trip at school but my eyes get soooo HUGE that it would be a dead give away.....

    any ideas?
  2. talk one of your dumb stoner friends into trying it?


    someone always has a friend who is down for anything, right?
  3. ^^^ LoL at the down for anything... I have a friend who says if you paid him he would tattoo anything to him. And I don't think hes talking a ridiculous amount of money either haha.

    I think what ever is effecting you the most would determine what your pupils are like.
  4. cmon more people need to help me out here....i guess i could always try it myself and just keep checking the mirror all night......but i dont wanna spend all that money and have it not work....gggrrrrrr somebody try it and get back to me
  5. all that money? fuckin sids cheap.

    and i think your pupils will still be huge
  6. i know cid is somewhat cheap.....but two doses is 20 bucks....20mg of vicoden will probably cost me around that...thats 40 bucks right broke so 40 bucks is REALLY expensive
  7. vic at that price aint worth it.
  8. One drug is going to have more of a pull on your eyes than the other, my guess, clearly it's my guess, i'm not doctor. Would be that with LSD, AND vic, your going to have dilated pupiles, huge. The vicodin won't counter-act the intensity of the LSD.

    Just a guess
  9. Btw, I'm pretty sure opiates dull hallucinogenics.
  10. I think they would still be somewhat big.
  11. Your eyes will still be big.
  12. fuck it.. do it anyway... say you got some new contacts or something. that look all black:p
  13. haha that's damn good, one kid got asked flat out by the principal why his eyes were so big, the kid replied "My mom had got me some new eye drops, supposed to help with my light intake"

  14. haha thats pretty good, did the principal believe him?
  15. The principal was pretty chill about it, he said "You never know who might mistake that for drug use now-a-days, get to class"

    The kid said it ruined his high :[
  16. I think saying your eye doctor dilated your pupils would be more legit. What happens when he asks to see the drops?(that is if hes gonna go all that way to bust you)
  17. I'm not sure he could have pulled it off considering how early it was,

    kids wait in the cafeteria before school starts, and it was on our way to first hour classes, so I believe around 8:15
  18. dont trip at school, trust me.
  19. Get caught?

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