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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by ReefaSmoke, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. I have been researching alot about the contruction of grow room lately and have watched cervantes movie. I have a few simple questions that some of you will probably be able to answer pretty quickly.

    1. When he constructs the 8x8 grow room, does he make a roof and line that with the reflective white material also? I didn't notice if he did and i dont think they mentioned it. I assume a roof was created otherwise the odour would be able to roam freely throughout the house.

    2. When he built the growroom there didnt seem to be any way of getting in or out as the whole thing was lined with the reflective plastic. Was there a door or hole to get in and out of?

    3. When he is making clones, he says that you take them from a mothered vegatative plant - meaning that you already know its female. I thought that you sex the plants at the end of vegetation heading into flowering? Or is the only way to tell if the plants came from a previous female clone?

    4. Can you keep clones for a long period of time, or do you have to plant them when they are ready? Also about the mother plant, do you keep it in vegetative state until it dies? Do you maintain the 18/6 light schedule during its entire duration? Do you keep your mother plant with your other vegetating plants, or do you keep it seperate?

    These questions may sound simple but they have been bugging me for a while and i wanted to know what the deal was.

    Thanks guys.
  2. here are the answers to your questions

    1 Yes if yor construction dosent reach the ceiling you will need to construct a foof, but it would be far easier to make sure your wood frame goes all the way to the ceiling and silicone the gaps

    2 Yes you will need a door door to enter. The easiast way to do this is to cut a straight line through the plastic down the middle of 1 of the wooden spars staple 1 side or the plastic to the wood then use velcro stirps on the other side so you can enter with ease

    3 Yes you do sex plants at the end of veg and that gives you a good idea what sex the plant is but the only way to be 100 percent sure is to flower it for a couple of weeks if its a female you can either take clones and put them under 24 hr light to revert them back to veg or you can put your flowering plant under 24 hrs light till its back in veg (new shoots appear) then take clones.

    As soon as the clones have a good root system its time to transplant but you can keep clones growing for as long as you like providing you look after them just be carefull as plants can double even treble in size after flowering thus a plant that is forced to flower at 2 ft could reach 4-6 foot at end of flowering

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