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Questions from a semi-begginner toker.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Macnub, May 22, 2010.

  1. :rolleyes:you arent going to get brain damage(killing braincells)from holding in a hit or your breath because the human body automaticaly prevents this by passing out and reverting automaticly to normal breathing may get brain damage from hitting your head when u pass out though....once again facts please, there enough misinformation out there already lets not add to it...:wave:
  2. Just because you smoked dro doesn't mean it's good shit. dro just means its grown with hydroponics. it can still be shit.
  3. All very good beginner questions, here is my knowledge on your subjects stated above:

    1. when no smoke comes out, that means you took a 'ghost hit'. those usually result in a crazy headrush that lasts 30 seconds. hold your smoke for 3-5 seconds, it absorbs into your body instantly, the more you hold it the more resin cakes up in your lungs, and you don't want that at all

    2. break a piece of your bud off, a decent size that covers the hole at the bottom of your pipe. and then as tiny as you can get it on top of that is normally what works best for me, the bigger nug at the bottom to prevent all the tiny pieces from falling in.

    3. the way you described above sounds right-ish, light the pipe for a bit to catch the weed, it will turn orangish and that is what you want at that point pull the light off and inhale, if you see the orange part of the bowl growing then your doing great, if not try again. don't hold the lighter on it the whole time or you'll destroy that bowl in a couple hits.

    4. showering is good for me, watching tv (gameshow network is bomb) cartoons, eating obviously, playing soccer is fun for me, hanging out with friends, and of course, smoking more weed hahah.

    hope this helped. stay blazed bro

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