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Questions from a semi-begginner toker.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Macnub, May 22, 2010.

  1. Ive been smoking since late november 2009. My brother and his friends usually let me smoke with them, and buy my weed for me, ect..

    I have a few questions I know you guys can answer! ;)

    Just off the top of my head...
    How long should I hold the smoke in (I usually smoke from a pipe)? I usually try for as long as I can, but sometimes it results in no smoke coming out when exhaling?

    Whats the proper way to load up a pipe? I use to just barely break up the weed, and just shovel buds into the bowl (to the point where its hard to inhale). Whats the best way to do it, so that half of the weed doesn't ash up, or how to load it up most effectively?

    And last one I can think about atm, how long should i be lighting (with lighter:)P))? Usually, I just keep the lighter lit while inhaling, all the way until I finish the hit (at this point i'm so gone that I don't care that the pipe is burning my fingers or mouth :p)

    Oh ye, and whats your favorite thing to do while blazed? I have to smoke in secrecy (my mom has caught me before, and snoops around all of the time) so I just listen to "A Perfect Circle", and sometimes stare at optical illusions :p (oh and eat, because I get the munchies real real bad...)
  2. The smoke metabolizes in your lungs almost instantly. A second or two is more than enough. If you hold it in for too long you're just hurting yourself. Its called a ghosthit when nothing comes up. It is useless and a great way to fuck up your lungs.

    Grind the bud up. Ask your bro/friend for a grinder. If not, put the bud in a glass coffee mug and use scissors to cut it up. Then load it up. Don't pack it down too much because you want some openings in the bowl for the air to go through the chamber.

    Don't keep the lighter lit while you inhale. You need to light it and suck in a bit. Then let go of the lighter, take your thumb off the carb, and take it in. You're just taking in more butane/lighter fluid when inhaling while your weed is burnt. Another way to fuck up your lungs and the taste of the bud.

    If your weed is good, it can burn on its own. Red embers or cherry. Whatever you want to call it. No need to relight it. Just keep on inhaling.

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  3. Okay, in order:

    1) You want to hold it in for about 2-3 seconds. What you're doing when you hold it in until no smoke comes out is called 'ghosting'. Some people like it, but in terms of health, that is NOT what you want to be doing.

    2) Get a grinder and grind it up, if not try to break it up into small pieces to pack the bowl.

    3) Depends on how big of a hit you want, you're in control of that. If you torch the whole thing you're getting big hits. This is really just a preference thing, if you're just looking for 'regular sized hits' (if there is such a thing) Just light while you being to inhale, and then stop, you should see the bud 'cherry' and you can continue to pull smoke from the bud while it is in this state, your continued air flow keeps it burning. I would suggest not keeping it lit the whole time because of the butane from the lighter.

    4) Music, food, video games, comedy, simple relaxation, it's all great while high.

    Hope that helped, let me know if you have any other questions.
  4. 1 no smoke comin out is just ghosting it which isnt bad it just means u held ur hit for a while and i hold my hits anywhere from 3 seconds(joint or blunt) to 15 seconds (hash of kif)
    2 pack medium/small bowls to prevent ash buildup and get a better taste. also break it up pretty well and put a plug nug in the bottom to prevent scooby snacks (ash in ur mouth)
    3 light it til its cherried (like a red glow of however much u are tryna light up)
    4 my fave things to do are skateboard down parking garages while listening to music, watch movies, ride my bike down big hills while listening to music, and for some reason being high at school is a blast for me cuz i find everything and everyone hilarious. but i can also keep my shit on the dl so dont go to school high if u cant.

    why go to high school when you can go to school high? lol
  5. 1. You should hold the smoke in for 3-5 seconds (no matter what you are using to smoke with). Longer than that, you're just probably killing brain cells. Oh, and ghosting hits IS killing braincells.
    2. Grind you weed. If you don't have a screen (metal,steel, or glass gauze), then put a larger-than-the-pipe's-hole piece of bud on the hole so smaller pieces of weed don't get sucked to your mouth. Then fill the bowl with loose weed. And then just gently press with you fingers or tap with you lighter the top of your bowl with weed.
    3. You should light the bowl until you cherry it (until it all lights up with red). When the weed is all lit up, remove the lighter but keep taking you hit.
    4. My favorite thing to do while high is just random things. Being high makes everything better for me. So just watching TV channels that normally i'd never watch (ie. Food Network, CNN, Nick) is fun. Also, playing Frisbee, Riding a bike around the neighborhood, playing Xbox, Internet, etc...
  6. Oh ye, heres what my pipe looks like


    Its like, ~4 inches long maybe...

    With this pipe, its damn hard to see the cherry. And, theres no carb.

    Oh ye, and LOL at budandshrooms for throwing in that joke ;)
  7. good advice above...but no one has pointed this out: "his friends usually let me smoke with them, and buy my weed for me"

    if they are smoking you up multiple times u gotta come through and get some of your own to smoke them up...its just the way u do it. they may not mind getting you high, but theyd sure be pleased if you had some of your own.
    try finding some hemp wick at a head shop.... u just light it with a lighter then put it to the bowl, inhale and take it away once the bud is sufficiently lit...u may not stick with it but its cool to try and u may like it. maybe u'll impress your bro and his friends too if they have not seen this before
  8. What I meant by "buy my weed for me" is that I pay for the weed, but they go to the dealer.

    I started off smoking dro and up :p now I smoke mids and im like...meh :p. I fucked up hehe
  9. don't buy that your killing brain cells b.s. pot has actually been linked to formation of new networks in the your homework boys don't just repeat old propaganda:wave:

  10. kk yeah now that i read that again, i shoulda known what u meant
  11. #11 majicbunnie, May 22, 2010
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    Lawl, actually, re-read the quote. You are killing brain cells from oxygen deprivation from trying to hold in your hits long enough to ghost it, not the marijuana itself. This is actually the source of that myth about marijuana as stated in everyone's favorite pro-weed documentary, the union. They used a study on monkeys and essentially suffocated them with marijuana smoke and noted the brain damage and linked that to marijuana. You're right in saying that marijuana doesn't kill the cells itself, but you're wrong in the sense that he meant you're killing brain cells from oxygen deprivation ghosting hits, which is accurate.

  12. O shit! :p

    Thanks for the info guys. I always thought that holding in the hits for like 2 minutes means EXTRA high :p

    Now i feel like a fucking retard =U
  13. Nah, don't feel that way, it's a common misconception. In reality, the thc content in smoke is absorbed by your body very quickly and should be completely absorbed by about 3 seconds. A lot of the feeling which lead to this belief is the extra effects from holding it in so long which are actually effects from the lack of oxygen to the brain in conjunction with the prolonged combusted plant matter in your body which your body will begin to fight, resulting in extra unusual feelings. It's not from the high, though, and it is not healthy.

    Glad you asked, so now you know :wave:
  14. Well you should feel the smoke filling your lungs(I do anyways), so when you feel that just take the lighter off.

    Don't you get a nasty taste from leaving the lighter on there the whole hit?
  15. #15 Macnub, May 22, 2010
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    O hellz yeah.

    Oh ye, and when Im smoking, after like 3 hits my lungs and throat go completely numb, so i cant tell if im getting any smoke until i exhale.
  16. I smoked a bowl in like 2 minutes 15 seconds today, barely holding in my hits out of a small bong. Still got me high as hell.

  17. I'd really like to know if you have a source for that or if its just something you heard/reasoned on your own. I don't hold in my hits too long either, I think its unnecessary, but I'd love to have science to back it up.
  18. Fuck. I've been doing this for the past like 8 months, smoking an average of like 3 bowels a week... how bad did I fuck myself? I've kind of noticed a tiny slow down in my thoughts but I didn't see how it could be from the weed... will things "speed back up"?
  19. Is that what ghosting is? Lol, Someone on GC said ghosting was letting the smoke out and then trying to suck it all back in again! Rofl!

    And You don't kill brain cells by holding smoke in for 2 minutes even. You kill brain cells at 4-6 minutes. So if you come across someone who isn't breathing you start up CPR cause they might have been there for 5 minutes and might have a fighting chance. They teach you that in class for first aid training CPR certification.

    Holding in your hit for long IS bad for you though because after the THC is absorbed the tar and carbon monoxide and stuff will rape your lungs. You want to get that shit out!


  20. Drug Detection Times @

    Just how the lungs work.

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