questions from a RooR newb

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  1. thinkin about gettin one of these roor gift sets off EDIt...

    got a few questions

    1. can someone rank these roor add-on's in order of value: a/c, carbon filter, downstem diffuser?

    2. am i right that the roor carbon filter doesn't come with a screen? and a screen is required for this thing, right? will the standard roor gauze work?

    3. is there any reason to put a diffuser into the a/c? or is the smoke just "re-infused" after leaving the a/c?

    thanks yo

    cant wait to place the order
  2. No matter what your RooR will rip. I love mine. :)
  3. I would buy a downstem diffuser then the a/c. I don't really care about carbon filters, but that's me. Also, I don't think putting a diffuser in the a/c will make much difference in addition to the one going into the bong itself... save the money for smokables.
  4. definately downstem diffuser first, the first upgrade to any tube; then an ashcatcher; I wouldn't even consider a carbon filter nessicary, unless you just want another roor logo just sitting there.

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