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Questions from a Newbie

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by rustykuntz1111, Dec 1, 2011.

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    Hi all - I'm new to smoking and this board. I have a few questions about grinding and vaping. I have a space case grinder/sifter and an iolite vaporizer.

    Before grinding, should I pull the stems out of my nug?
    - I'd think yes because some say stems are bad for you and because they generally don't have much if any THC, so they waste space in the vape.

    - BUT when I pull out the stems I use my fingers and generally get some of the sticky bud residue on my fingers, so doesn't that reduce the potency of what I end up grinding? What's the tradeoff between bad for you/waste of space and reduced potency?

    How do you clean your space case? I use 99% alcohol to clean out the parts of my iolite - should I use that on the grinder too? What have you found to be the best way of cleaning aluminum grinders?

    Do you vaporize kief? Thinking of getting the pollen press to turn the kief into a wafer - is it worth it? Is vaping kief good? Would it work with the iolite?

    Appreciate if you could answer my questions to help me get some perspective from experienced tokers. New to weed and don't have anyone showing me how (not that it's all that difficult to do, but I'd like to do it well). And I'm high right now.
  2. Wow your new to weed and your high I'm surprised you could write that well lol I wouldn't be able to do that
  3. Stems dont matter; especially if you vape. If your worried about smoke and tar, remove stems before combusing.
    Yes if you pull them out it reduces potency. If your really concerned about this/don't have much herb, get some tweezers. Then you can pluck the buds off the nug from the base 1 by 1 and place them into your grinder. As resin builds on the tweezers, you can scrape it off and smoke it, thus lowering potency loss overall.
    Soak your grinder in alcohol and collect the alcohol and evap, you get some hash.
    Why are you cleaning your grinder? I cleaned mine the first time 8 months in, and I smoked once a week back then. Since I havn't cleaned, daily toker now.
    Vaping kief is BOMB. I just pack my vape 1/2 full with herb, sprinkle/suck up kief, finish it off with herb to keep the kief cenetered. First two hits are harsh, stirs are really nice.
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    Thanks to both for your replies!

    How do you evaporate the alcohol post cleaning of the grinder? Do you just leave it out (in an uncovered glass)? Or do you have to do anything to it?

    Keep in the kief centered because you want it to not get sucked up on your inhale? Iolite has a big pointy cylinder in the middle that would pierce the centered kief, wonder if it would work?
  5. Leave it out. I got some really fine mesh which, after first soaking in 99 ISO for 3 hours to leech whatever may leech (dunno if needed, I just did), I cover my pyrex dish with. This will slow down evaporation, but will really help with dust and contaminants. Insects are fucking retarded for whatever reason. They like to crawl towards the iso solution (WTF!?) and if they get too close, pass out from fumes. If inside your glassware, you now have some icky insecty hash; make sure that if you do cover your glassware that no sides are exposed. I dunno if they actually like it, but to me it smells toxic and I'd think insects would steet clear; however when I did uncovered runs I got some tiny flys (and some BIG ones).
    To speed up drying, put it on a heating pad or eletric heater; fans or it being placed in vacuum will also speed drying. The iso should NOT bubble; if it is, the solution is too hot. Evaporate this in a very well ventilated area, or outside.
    I don't understand what you mean with your iolite; to smoke kief you can also just grind your herb, then sprinkle some kief on the bud while its in the grinder, close everything up, shake it. You'll get some lightly dusted bud that'll work fine, I think.

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