Questions for the S&P TD100X inline fan

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  1. A lot of people are saying the S&P TD100X fan is unbelievably quiet. How quiet? Set up with a carbon scrubber, is it:

    • Quiet enough to not be heard when a sliding closet door is closed?
    • Audible at 2 feet? 3?
    • When stealth is critical, is the S&P truly silent or just comfortably tolerable (not like a bathroom exhaust fan)?
    • And if the fan is silent, does that mass of air create a lot of noise in itself?


  2. Does anybody have experience with this fan that could shed some light on the sound it produces?
  3. If noise is that big of an issue a duct muffler is necessary. I don't use the s&p fans but they are still going to make noise. My 4" vortex isn't that loud, but noticeable. The 6" one is almost too loud, constant hum through the walls in another room. 4" is limited to the room its in.

    And s&p fans are quieter.
  4. Hey thanks for your input! I appreciate you relating them to the vortex.

    I guess it's all relative. My lasko fans are literally inaudible from a foot away with closet door open, so that's sort of been my gauge on sound. I also realize they don't move a ton of air, though they did effectively cool a 400w HPS via cooltube. But that was back in the extreme cost-cutting days where saving a few bucks even came at the expense for increased fire risk :)(). I will buy the TD100X and post a comprehensive review on it in these forums.

    I've also made a duct-muffler box with padding inside and a diffused exit. I hope this can quiet down the 100cfm it's claiming... Thoughts?
  5. Not sure about the box, but definitely let us know. The S&P fans were high on my list for a while too, still are if I ever need a new one.

    The fan itself wont be very loud - my 4" vortex isnt, its the air moving thats audible. My fan is pretty quiet, ducting makes it louder but is necessary. Anything bigger than a 4" and I sort of desire a muffler. 6" with ducting sounds industrial powered, I dont want to imagine 8" or larger.
  6. I have a td100x and a 4" vortex, the vortex is running right now a few feet away from me and the s&p is in storage, but the best way to compare them is that the td100x without a muffler is about as loud as a 4" vortex with a muffler, maybe quieter. But for stealth with the td100x you'll still need a muffler.

    If you use a muffler and have it behind a closed sliding door you might still hear it a bit but if there is any surrounding noise (people walking or talking, a tv, regular house ventilation, etc.) the fan will be drowned out.

    this site seems to offer the best price still.
  7. I own a td100x and it's pretty quiet. My tent is in an open closet and your can barely hear the fan when the door to the room is closed. The noise is definetly more of the rushing air than the fan itself. I'd imagine a td100x with a muffler would be super stealthy.
  8. I also have the 100x, would buy another one too. Have it in a small cabinet pushing through 4' of flexible duct (budget silencer) and my PC makes about twice the noise. However if it is the only thing running in the room I can hear it. Next grow I'll be making a muffler and wrapping the fan in Dyomatt and I expect it to be silent.

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