Questions for outdoor grow!!!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by TakeNotesPlease, May 18, 2010.

  1. 1. Is the best method to germ seeds to put them in warm water overnight?
    2. Is it okay to use soil I have in my backyard for the pots/transplanting into the ground?
    3. How deep should the seeds go into the pot? Maybe a couple inches?
    4. How frequently should I water my plants (assuming it doesn't rain that day).
  2. 1 )I dont know about warm water, i just use room temp drinking water and i just soak up a napkin and fold it and put a bowl on top to keep it dark.
    2) It will work, but i would spend 15-18 bux on a big bag of fox farm ocean forest, 15 bux to make your herb better in the long run isnt that much.
    3) I put them in a few cm's, and i point the root down and the seed up.
    4) I put my finger 2 inches into my soil, and if its moist ill leave it, and when its dry ill water it.
  3. All sounds like good info, thanks!

  4. haha i just replied to your thread on the outdoor forum. Kush Breath said basically the same stuff i did just in shorter words. hes got a good point about spendin a few bucks on some better dirt though it will REALLY help in the long run
  5. yeah no problem man, you should hear what other dudes have to say also. Its nice to get multiple answers, because than you can kinda compare what their saying and see who makes more sense lol.
  6. lol oh for sure ill go peep what you said, im kinda stuck right now so im trying to do whatever i can to make sure their getting some light =P
  7. but what soil do u use for seedling in a party cup for the first 3 weeks ?

    FF soil has nutes in it! and I thought seedling requires no nutes?

    Ive asked this question so many times without an answer on here.

    does home depot or lowes sell a soil you can use for seedling, then when transplanting I will use FF ocean forest soil.
  8. i grow seedlings in foxfarm, never had a problem.
    I'm not sure what other soils you can use, but maybe try mixing foxfarm with some regular soil, like half half or something, but not miracle grow

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