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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by stripers36, Feb 26, 2015.

  1. Hey everyone! I am happy to be making my first real post on the GC forums. I am a newbie to marijuana cultivation but I have experience with general gardening and hybridizing so I have some background in the basics of plant anatomy and gardening techniques. That said, I still have an enormous amount to learn, and I understand so much more every day with your insight.
    For quite a few months now, I have been preparing for an indoor grow of 6-8 plants. I had gotten most of the necessary materials and resources when circumstances changed and it became evident that I could no longer do an indoor grow. I have now quickly and completely shifted gears towards a guerrilla grow, and have some questions that I hope you all can help me out with. Any tips and info is very appreciated.
    I am a big proponent of organic growing, and have prepared the components for an organic supersoil. I generally followed the Subcool recipe, with some additions. Is there any reason I wouldn't be able to use this to fill the bottom 1/3 of my pots with? Or is this method strictly for indoor grows?
    Also, it seems that the general rule of thumb is to germinate in small containers and gradually work your way up to larger containers, repotting as the plants grow. This is one thing I never really understood. Why can't I germinate in a Dixie cup and then transplant into my final 10 gal or whatever size pot that the plant will mature in?
    I know there are enough threads on what is the proper pot size and I know there is no one answer but I'd still like to ask. I want to get large, tree-like plants, maximizing growth potential while not going too crazy on size. It seems like some people say the bigger the better and go well into the 100s of gallons while others can get big, bushy plants with a 7-10 gallon pot. I'm thinking in the 15-30 range but don't want to add the extra gallons if there will be negligible benefit over say a 7 gal pot. 
    I saw somebody mention topdressing and use of teas. I was planning using at least one tea for my indoor grow but the concept was very new to me and I have yet to zero in on a particular recipe. Does anyone have any recommendations on one that has worked particularly well for them? Also are topdressing or other additional nutrient amendments necessary in outdoor grows if you use a supersoil?
    Lastly, I have already purchased five strains of seeds from Nirvana. Since it is my first grow I'm trying to keep things as simple as possible, while still maximizing yield and quality. Because of this, I chose all Nirvana seeds. I have White Widow, AK48, Papaya, Raspberry Cough, and Full Moon. From what I've read thus far, it seems like Full moon and Papaya are definitely out of the running for an outdoor grow. The AK seems like my best bet, but I would like to try to diversify more if possible. But, with the relatively short growing season here, I don't want to risk my plants not finishing in time. I live in the Northeast on the coast at lat 40 degrees. The frost-free season seems to from around April 10th to around October 15<sup>th</sup>. I've added the links below if you want more info on the strains and finishing times.

    Sorry for the extremely long post. I'll try to keep it shorter next time. Thanks in advance for the advice!


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