questions/concerns about flowering, LST, pruning

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by steviebrutal, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. I am cross-posting to hopefully get some help with my current LST cabinet grow. To reference my grow setup, check out my journal:

    This is my first time doing an LST, almost SOG-like, growing method. How much longer should I let these plants veg for? The 3x white widow was put into the cabinet as a sprout on 1/24 (about a week into growth under 68w CFL in closet), and the 3x bubblegum were put in the cabinet as seedlings a week or so later. I am worried that I will underestimate the growth that happens during 12/12 and come close to toasting those plants. I plan on training/pruning throughout the flowering process to ensure my yield isn't damaged by my space limitations. Currently, I am looking for decent pruning guides so any guidance in that direction would be amazing.

    I will inevitably have to pull some of these plants as I sex them -- which brings me to my next question. When should I expect to see preflowers? How powerful of a magnifying glass do I need to see them? Would my digital camera suffice for diagnosis?

    Thanks in advance!

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