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  1. ok not really a major problem but a question. i set one of the 3 plants i have planted in my window to get some sun. the stem just fell over.
    (the peat cylinder it was germinated in was not covered with the potting mix i placed it in. it was sticking out about 1/8" above the potting mix)
    so anyway, it fell over and i just decided to sacrifice the plant to ask if the root system looked normal (in relation to size) to a sprout that was planted on 06.13.06. i'm trying to germinate 2 more seeds, but even if those 2 fail, i have the 2 other plants. (i'm not concerned because i'm just starting out and this is bagseed) the starter mix is very loose. (VERY loose) it doesn't seem to retain any water. i had the bottom tray filled with water to allow the roots to breathe and the soil to absorb the water. again, the soil always seemed dry. i would mist the plant 1 or 2 times a day just to ensure it received water. should i use a different soil mix. (it is sp. moss and such but i can't find the bag so i can't give complete info) should the mix be something more firm as to offer more support? since i am not trying to grow huge plants (using cfl lighting) should i use any larger pots for transfering? (the largest is 8") any info would be great.


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