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  1. If I were growing a single plant in an enclosed box, and it turned out to be a male, and I didn't whack him in time and he blew his load, how long does his load stay functional? So I were to get rid of him and bring in a new plant from seed stage and she turned out female, will she get a nice money shot when she's ready? Or does the males load just float through the air, and if it catches anything it does, if it doesn't it has no effect later on? Also, what if i transplant a female who's about to go into the flower stage right after i remove the male, is any cleaning of the box going to have to be done to get rid of the pollen? I heard that a single male can infect females up to 40 feet, so I'm just curious about this situation.

    I just don't want any risk,
  2. Yes.
    Don't let the male blow his wad. It can pollinate females from miles away. Yes, sterilize the grow room if a male shot his load in there. Who knows how long it will stay viable? Weeks, months, years? Just try not to let it happen.
  3. Nice use of porno lingo!

    The pollen can be viable and hang around for quite a while in that grow space. I don't konw how long, but definitely long enough to fertilize your next grow. It can spread as far as the wind will take it.

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