Questions about THC Cart.

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  1. What's up guys. I just recently got my first thc 510 cart and it's starting to get near the end of the oil. I've got 2 main questions.

    1. Does the THC oil get weaker as you have less of it? Like is the THC distributed evenly in there or should I mix it up before each use.

    2. Ive got a 519 cartridge in a smok xpriv. I don't know too much about vaping but I've got my settings set to 1.2ohms, 9.5 watts, and when I hit it gets up to 3.4 volts. Are these settings okay or should I change anything?


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  2. I understood that the end of the vape cart creates formaldehyde?

    Edit: evenly distributed
  3. Never mind the Mrs said that was cigarette vaping.
  4. No should not get weaker,,its still sams oil only difference would be not being able to smoke as much because u have less to smoke on

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