questions about setting up a grow room.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by tobymac420, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. Hey guys so I recently got a new place. It has a second bedroom I want to grow in. My issue is the second bedroom is also the laundry room. Now I have grown in my laundry room before but it was in a small 2x2 tent. I want to do my grows now in the open room with my 400 Watt mg/hps light and a couple cfls. I also have a vortex fan to keep the air moving. I'm worries moisture due to being open though may harm my grow. What do you guys think? BTW I only plan to grow 4-5 plants which I have done before in the tent just very cramped small buds.
  2. I recommend buying a 7' by 4' by 4' tent off of eBay or Amazon
  3. You could do a 2x4x5 (WLH). I have 4-7 running in mine with a separate veg area (aerogarden on top of the tent, just put a board under the aerogarden in the tent on top of the frame). The plants are in 5 gallon rdwc buckets I built myself.
  4. I kinda want to ditch the tent and try something new for a while.

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