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Questions about qualifying.

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by GTCharged, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Lately I have been reading that you can get MM for a quite a few things. I live in Michigan, so the law will come into effect on April 4th. (cheer)

    I was wondering, if anyone from michigan knows, does Tourette's Syndrome qualify for Medical Marijuana in Michigan? If it does, are there any doctors on the East Side of Detroit (Not in Detroit) that will readily recommend it? And do the doctors test for THC at any point in the process of getting the card?

    I appreciate any answers. Thanks :)
  2. Come on, seriously people!
    Does anyone know when you can start smoking? Can you do it after your doctor recommends you, or do you have to wait until you get your card from the department after they start issuing April 4th?
  3. Are you guys ignoring this on purpose? I wouldn't ignore your fucking threads. I'm not trying to look bad, but I've got a damn appointment soon, and I would like to know.
  4. Dude, CHILL OUT. First off, I'm not sure how many people are even FAMILIAR with Michigan's laws yet, hell I'm not even sure how many people are FROM MIchigan who read these boards.

    You posted your thread a scant few hours ago, give it some TIME.

    Besides which, I seriously doubt that ANYONE on this board will be able to give you the answers you seek. Perhaps contacting ASA (Americans for Safe Access) will give you more information, or perhaps do the research on your own, there HAS to be an organization in Michigan that sponsered the legislature, ASK THEM your questions.

    You just signed up, but you're not making yourself very welcome here.
  5. I already read that, the thread doesn't tell shit. Try again dumb ass. You're the one being an ass, not me.
  6. holy...
    you're mean dude.
  7. Get lost you little creep.
  8. fuck off GT

    no one is going to respond to you with that attitude
  9. lol, what a dick
  10. Looks like someone needs to smoke a joint.
  11. Guy's...guy's...guy's....! Chill all out, just smoke a nice bowl/joint/blunt/watever and relax! Make love not war!


  12. Good luck with your endeavors, with that kind of attitude, I hope you NEVER get Medical Marijuana, we don't need your kind in the movement, though even if you manage to get a rec, I'll bet you never lift a FINGER to help anyone else get a rec.

    If I could give you negative rep again, I would.
  13. Oh wow, that was quick. I literally reported his flaming of me and seconds later he's banned.


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