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  1. Ok I am growing a skunky plant now and her name is my bitch I have been growing "my bitch" for 2 and a half months now. I have a 400 watt HPS lamp and a 55,000 lumens light bulb. I also used floragro, floraMicro, FloraBloom and Floralicoius Plus for my bitch. Its smells super skunky and a lot of crystals, Bright green and nice color of it with red, orange white hairs. But lately i am starting to notice on some of my buds, there are little seed pod like growing on the buds. I don't know if its seeds or what but it somewhat looks like it. I dont know if its the bud forming into a bud or if its seeds. Theres no way in the world that it can change to a male plant in the flowering stage because I onyl have one plant and it grew up as a female plant. if it was a male plant, i would have seen the seeds at the beginning for the growing stage. So can anyone help me out here on this? What the hell is it and should I do something about it, if I need to do something about it, then please tell me what to do!! I need to save my baby if she is IN danger! I tried to attached the pictures to this but i cant so if anyoen out there would like me to sent the pics to your e-mail please let me know my emaila ddress is I desperately need ur help :confused::confused::confused::confused:

  2. Well, it could be that your plant is a hermie. You probably just didnt see the pollen sacks. Without pics it kinda hard to tell.
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    They are likely seed pods...but w/o the seeds!

    Let me see if I can find a good example pic for you.

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    Can't find a better pic but the below one shows the trichomes growing on 2 seed pods (a 3rd one in the back) but w/o the seeds in them:


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