Questions about my homemade glass bottle bong

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  1. So I am making a bong out of a bottle

    Now I have a dremel with a diamond to cut the hole... Now I'm not a newbie when it comes to toking but I have to ask these stupid questions about a bong.

    I know that I need a bowl, but I know that I also need something else that the bowl slides out of the bong. So do I need to purchase something that I will attach to the bong that the bowl slides out of?
  2. If you can find something laying around your house that works go for it or buy an acrylic bong and take the downstem out or buy a glass one at your local head shop
  3. Go to your local head shop and buy a female slide that is the diameter of your hole. My friend did this after someone broke the original female slide in his bong. It now works as good as new.
  4. Ok great thanks!
  5. if you cant get a female that fits it so it air tight, head to a hardware store nd get a rubber O ring they will help if you messed up the hole or anything, thinking about making a perculating gravity bong with a handle of captian haha
  6. [​IMG]

    There is mine.
    As for drilling, I wouldn't recommend using a dremnel to do the drilling, as they are notoriously hard to hold steady. But, if that's all you have to work with, I would advise to practice on another glass bottle first. Also, make sure you submerge the whole bottle in water and then drill it while submerged. This prevents the glass from overheating and cracking. I used to borrow 3/4' test tubes from my chemistry class and they make form good downstems and you can diffuse them by simply cutting a few slots in the downstem with a diamond drill bit. A rubber garmet can them be placed around the test tube and inserted into drilled bottle. Epoxy is the BEST adhesive to use and it is super strong and water proof. Next you can get a bit creative. A bowl can be made simply out of a pen and a bolt, however I once found some reed and drilled a hole in the lower section of bamboo, where the different sections are separated, cut an inch or two above the separator and then drill a hole and insert the reed. If neither of those are available, let me know. I have made countless homemades, my recent one is my pride and joy though.
  7. By the way, after I have made all of the countless homemades, I just recently decided to purchase a legit diffused downstem and slide (as seen in picture.) I only did this because my test tube cracked and I could not obtain another, and with the quality of the bottle, i did not want to jeopardize it with homemade parts.
  8. so now you have a legit glass on glass setup?

  9. Quite so. Investing on a ashcatcha this weekend with luck.
  10. I tried the drilling tonight and the glass bit only made a small hole. The dremel actually couldn't hold the bit in. I can't figure out how people do this

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