questions about my clones (pics)

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  1. the ones in pots im worried about... They were in a dome for about a week or until roots started to show through the cubes... I know the yellowing of the tips is the nuts in the soil... they arnt over watered. and they are about two weeks old( from the orginal cut)

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  2. I planted some beautiful well rooted cloned in some Kellogg's Patio plus outdoor soil they all went south in a few days, don't get me wrong, its a good cheap soil for when $$$ is tight.
    Now as a rule I only use MG seed starter or Light warrior to start'em off with, no problems.
    I think no-nutes or almost no-nutes for the 1st month or so is a good rule of thumb.
  3. Sorry Seymor, I wont use MG for anything. It killed my first 3 plants by nute burn and it happened so fast i couldnt save them. its the time release crap they dont put on the bag. I use Promix BX and find it to be great. it helps with ph and no more nute burn. Good soil is worth the little extra it costs.

    p/s ...thats nute burn if i ever saw it.
  4. The MG seedstarter did that?
    I haven't had any problems with the MG seedstarter, I like to know it works and I can get it
    any day or time vs. hydro-stores hours & such.
    I wouldn't use MG soils with nutes for anything, the seed started has none, or is
    supposed to have none.
  5. The droopyness. Is nut burn. Will flushing the dirt help
  6. MG has a consistancey problem. one bag is fine the next burns you plants. pro mix is consistant bag after bag. mg up here is 4.99 for a small bag, about 5 lbs. promix was 13.99 for about 50 the math.....the best soil is much cheaper.
  7. I didn't use MG anything. Some organic stuff from wallyWorld
  8. Were there any NPK #'s on the bag?
  9. i would change the soil, water only and check the ph. I would wait at least another week before i feed...then a very small amount ( about 1 oz ) 10-52-10. watch the new growth for tip yellowing. thats nute burn. with time release nutes...noah's flood wont wash them out.
  10. 10-5-5. I used the same soil for the seeds I started and the sprouts
  11. The stems were green when cut. Now purple

  12. Maybe you just took em out of their humidity dome too early, 2 week's after actually cutting sounds too short a time.
    I put all my cuttings in cheap as dirt (well it is dirt haha) soil that is pre nuted and never had a problem. In under 2 weeks they develop strong root's but I leave them for an extra week in their humidty dome taking off the top of the dome now and then so they can get used to the new environment I'm about to put them in.
    After taking out of humidity dome, i mist 5 times a day just to help them settle to the new environment with no droopyness at all, hell, immediately after rooting, I start feeding full strength miracle grow with not a single problem, my clone's are healthy as ever.
  13. The bag reads .10-.05-.05 for npk
  14. thats weird, i use fox farm ocean forest with my clones and i dont think they ever got burnt at the tips. and i just started using nutes on top of the ffof.
    the sweet tooth clippings are only 2 weeks old (after clipping) and there looking pretty good.

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