questions about my baby!

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  1. hopefully these pics can help they might be to big but i need to know if anyone can determine if this is female or male there are certain areas that make me think it is female but i might be wrong. and this has been growing outdoors the whole time it has been planted so should i let it continue to grow outside or should i bring it in for 12/12

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  2. some one please help me and give some pointers or advice thanks
  3. I couldn't tell what the sex was. If you want them to immediately start their flower stage then bring them in for 12/12, however if you want them to get bigger and thus yield more, keep them outside and let mother nature do her thing.
  4. I'd try to keep it in veg awhile, it looks a little weak. Try to get it some serious sun for a bit longer, summer's got a long way to go yet. I think its way better than forcing flower.
  5. any chance of taking them outside? I read where sunlight coming through a window is too week for MJ to thrive. Also, I think you'll see a huge growth spurt if you put them into a larger container. I'm using 5 gal. buckets w/ drain holes drilled all over the bottom and my biggest one has filled it up with roots...thank goodness it is getting close to harvest (I'm thinking another 3-4 wks.)


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