Questions about Growing Weed with 5000k Cfls and 2700k

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  1. Alright so i plan to do a party cup grow and i thought about using 4(2700k) 23 watt cfls and 3 (5000k) 23 watt cfl's and planned to 12/12 from seed to harvest what do u think the results will be? Hopefully i get man responses to help me out :)
  2. I wouldn't expect a whole lot. Few grams per plant. Party cup are really to small to support any great yield. Go with one gallon pots and use 6500k for veg. Seed to harvest is not recommended. The more light the plant get the more it will veg. Even though it can be done it is difficult for beginners and you will get better yield with 18/6 using bigger pots and the proper spectrum during each cycle. Just my opinion.
  3. Chlorophyll is important. heres a chart to show you what kelvins produce most growth activity.
    6500s are best to veg(mostly cause its all you can find in CFLs), and look for 2500s for flower, most times all you can get is 2700s. Thats fine, With CFLs I'd use x4 26w 6500k CFL's minimum 6000 lumens total per plant. Then for flower, id use x2 46w 2700k CFL's. The 2 of those 46 watters put off more lumens than x4 26 watters.

    And I agree with kronicly, you cant expect much out of cups. Your tap root (Main root) mirrors your plant height typically. If your tap root can only go down 6inches, you will have a 5-8inch plant. and they dont produce much buds, dried and cured youd be getting 1-3g's per plant.

    If you just get a 1 gallon (I always do 5gallon buckets.) your plant can do so much more. and with a plant that size, the more light the better. I've had CFL grows where I had x7 26w 6500k's on one plant with a reflector. Then I used x3 46w 2700k's for flower.

    hope that helped.
  4. Just started a grow last month using similar CFL bulbs (Though I recently bought a comically large 105w bulb, check my sig). Though I used a 2 gallon tote since it sits low and allows me to have more root room. I would think a little bigger growing area would help you get better yields. Also I would stick with the 18/6 then to 12/12 for flower.

    But that's just the knowledge I have picked up in the past month or two playing with my grow.
  5. I wouldnt use anything too wide, your tap root needs room to go down.

    EDIT: I mean something so wide it sacrifices depth. Depth > Width. like a 5 inch deep 12 inch wide and 18 inch long dish pan would be bad. But a 1 gallon cylidrical pot with a depth of 10" and maybe 8-12" around would be a bit better to avoid root strangulation.
  6. Scratch what I said in my previous post, I am using a 5 gallon tote. Which sits 9" tall. Anything taller then a cup would be good =)
  7. Well ill see what i find around the house maybe some twice ass bigger cups would be fine? Or like about half the 2 litter soda bottles ill just cut the bottle in half... Would that be a lil better for the plant? And i want to do a party cup grow till i see sex of my plants since their some bag seeds of some dank... So once i see sex ill probobly transplant the females to something twice ass big and them get rid of the males once i found out wich ones i know they are. Im planting about 8 or 9 im hoping for atleast 3 females... I start bulind my grow box its 2 and a half feet tall and about 2 and half feet in depth and 2 feet wide.. Ill get more cfls along my grow for better production....

  8. you need to buy growing pots. or tote of some sort at walmart. or a mop bucket or something.
  9. Ill try to do my Best but i dont have much grow room if i didnt i would of transplant to gallon buckets. What i could do is transplant to half gallon pots... Would that be better? Ill transplant right when plants almost flowering or when its flowering for more production.. And i planned to Lst them to keep them short and the to scrog so they wont get to tall im thinkin of growing 4 plants most if i get 3 Females i could probobly squeeze the gallons pota in there but if i get more females then ill go with the half gallons for more plants and squeeze in what i can but lets see i plan on finishing my box today or tommorow then ill be starting a journal for help and to show u guys how it goes..

  10. Sounds great man cant wait to see how it turns out for ya!:hello::smoking:
  11. Thanks man you've really helped and thanks for the quick responses to!! :D and yea my box should be ready in more days at most because im makin it from scratch so ill be starting my journal soon :D there some bag seeds of some danky Kush i was smokin i always through them away but thought of keepin them this time and makin use of them :)

  12. Cool throw the link to your journal in your sig when you have it up :)
  13. Alright i will thanks for your help :D
  14. Quick questions around how much will a plant produce in 1 gallon buckets is their a guess or minimum?
  15. Any idea of dimensions? if you LST and screen I would estimate in the 1/2 oz- 1oz area depending on all parameters of your grow.

    Of course thats a vague estimate. If you let it go long, have good lighting and venting and its ahigh yielding strain with scrog and lst, you might get 2oz idk.

    lots of dependent parameters once you have yur setup up i can give a better idea hopefully this would help you.

    dont expect anything more than 3-15 grams off of those 1/2 gal pots again depending on setup.
  16. Well ive went to home depot and about a thick sheet of wood and the inside is 2 and a half feet tall about a feet and a half wide and and the length is 2 feet... I make a stealth grow box with 2 80 mm fans and im planning to start in cups and hope for atleast 3 females out of about 8 plants and i thoughy instead of doin alot of little ones i decided to have less plants wich is 3 instead of like 5 and just grow them in gallon pots and hope they yield good what u think aj? And thanks for your help i know im asking alot of questions but im tryigto gain as much knowledge before i start lol :)
  17. Sounds good, cant make the box any taller? Less plants super cropped or trained will yield more than many untrained plants. I would do the 8 or however many you want, then sex them. once you isolate the females, pick the best growing two or three and grow them in the biggest pot possible, and train the crap out of them. For better yield your gonna need more height than that. pots will take up 1/3 of that height no? If you can you will be giving the colas more room to give you more buds.
  18. Yea imma pick the best lookin plants and yes i plan on makin the box a little wider for the 3 plants for room and i plan on Lsting them and then put some chicken wire to scrog it u think that should be fine? once i have my own place ill have my own grow room and have better things to work with but ill have to wait 1 more year for that probobly by then ill have a way better bigger box
  19. Be careful with chicken wire it gets hot and can singe your plants. Wider is ok, but you need more height. Id say at least 4-5ft in height. After lighting, pots, and colas your gonna be outta space.
  20. Alrighy thanks aj ill see on what i do when i finish the box ill come up with something once i do it this time ill get a better idea its like practicing for my future plants so lets see how i do first :D thanks for your help ill let u know when i start my Journal tho :)

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