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Questions about growing cannabis

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by andrewp420, Jan 31, 2014.

  1. Hello, I'm relativly unexperienced when it comes to the cultivation of cannabis. I currently have 6-7 seeds in which i obtained from bags.  I know that females yield bud and that males yield some sort of sack. I'm looking to have an outdoor grow. Also the seeds are all mids.
    So here's my questions.
    1. How frequent does a plant need to be watered?
    2. How much does one female plant yield on average?
    3. What's the process of harvesting cannabis after the growing period?
    4. What are some reliable sites to buy seeds?
    5. What can I do to make a plant yield more bud?
    6. Approximetly how much seeds should I need to get around 10 female plants?
    7. How do you know when to harvest the bud?
    Cheers mates.

  2. Also, how far away can you smell a plant.
  3. Female plants are what you want. Unless you want to have seeds/very lower quality buds, throw out those damn males!
    1. Usually when the plant is thirsty. Depends on how hot it is and how dry the soil is. You CAN over water your plant, but if you miss a watering the plant will be fine.
    2. Outside? Depends on your grow area, how much room you have, and also the strain. But if you have 6 females and let them grow to their desires, you can pull 10 ounces a plant the LEAST.
    3. Usually you cut all the leaves, hang upside down, and have circulating air in the room so they can 'dry'. This can take 3-10 days depending on temperatures and humidity in the room to personal preference. But you should never dry them bone dry, they still need to have moisture in them. Also a curing stage after that. Putting the buds in jars, opening them 1-2 times a week for 15 minutes until perfect smoke is achieved. Another personal preference there but is necessary.
    4.Attitude, Herby's. Usually 'seedbanks' is what they are called don't jip you, you should get a known good strain. Customs trys to snatch up the goods.
    5.Not over water, don't stress her out, give reasonable amounts of nutes. Unless your soil is already providing that, don't give her any nutes. Fresh water. Checks up on bud rot, mold, anti-pesticides for her. If growing out in the middle of no where you might want to take steps preventing animals from eating the buds, (shit near the plants, its what I do. lol.)
    6. Approximately 10 seeds. You can buy them as females. Which is a 99% chance I think. Or regular ones with are 50/50 i'm guessing. So 20 for regs, or 10 seeds for females.
    7. I microscope or pocket microscope is the best answer. Its really a personally preference also. Usually when 80% amber trichomes on the bud and 20% white/cloudy is a good time to chop her down. The more amber the more 'stoney/couch lock' feeling. The more cloudy trich's are going to get you that uppidy feeling. NEVER chop if you see a good percentage of clear trichomes. This will reduce the THC levels of the bud as the clear ones don't hold as much THC as the cloudy/amber ones. 
    There is a growing section with all you need to know with sticky's, instead of the apprentice tokers section.
  4. [quote name="andrewp420" post="19439915" timestamp="1391146532"]Also, how far away can you smell a plant.[/quote]If your asking how far you can smell the plant away you don't need 10 femalesSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum

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