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  1. Straight to the point: is the sex of a plant supposed to be showing before i induce flowering? Before going into 12/12, do i have to leave plants in a 24 hour darkness? Once in 12/12 is it ok if the temp goes down to like 69f during the dark period? My res was changed days ago, can i add my bloom nutes? Is it ok to cut fan leaves (they're fckn huuuuuuge!) K, thats all for now. All responses and or additional advice is greatly appreciated.
  2. No, sex will not show for about two weeks into flower

    24 hours darkness is a personal preference....there is no benefit,imo

    And don't cut anything if you don't have to....some like to lollipop at the start of 12/12, for clones and for ease of training/yield advantages
  3. What is "lollipoping"?
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    You make the main flowers look like lollipops right at 12/12.....

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