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  1. Is the DaVinci Ascent as good as everyone says? Does it have a lot of draw resistance? Also does it smell a lot when used? And is it bad for when you are with a group of multiple people?

    Does not have draw resistance. 
    Being that it operates in the conduction domain with heat constantly being applied, yes, it does smell more than other portables that only apply heat when you are inhaling.
    No, it works ok with multiple people as long as you instruct them not to draw too fast and you let it reach operating temps between hits.
  3. Very helpful! Thanks!
  4. It is best used when packed completely full and I mean packed. There will be some draw resistance but you'll get good vapor and it will hold heat better. If you want smaller bowls like on the solo and still get good vapor, you will need to put glad beads otherwise known as glass screens mixed in so the heat wont dissipate as fast.
  5. Hi guys, this is my first post. I know the post is a bit old but... I have the same question about the group of multiple people (let say max 3-4 person).
    My friends are not vapeaoholic ;o) they combust it most of the time but really like when I offer them a vape session.
    During a evening we could go out 4-6 times for combustion sessions. 
    My main concern is : does the ascent battery will last for a simple evening like that ? Or will we be force to use it while it's charging for the last session ?
    Thanks !
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    I can usually get 4-5 sessions on a full battery no problem as long as I turn the descent off after easy session. However I own a Arizer Solo as well and find that I like the battery life much more then the Davinci. Even though the Arizer holds less in the bowl then the Ascent, I still feel like I get more out of each sessions with the Solo. I do like the taste much more with the Davinci but when it comes to product conservation, the solo can't be beat if you ask me. Hopefully I answered your question haha.
  7. Great, that was a quick and perfect answer.
    But, do you mean that your solo extract more stuff from each session ? Is this what you mean by "product conseration". Maybe its just a temperature setting ?
    Well now that I know that we can use it far one evening for a group of 3-4 persons I'll try to find if its possible te recharge it using a battery pack or something portable. I'm doing a lot of camping and this summer I used my cousin's iolite (i loved it). I was just about to buy the iolite or the wispr 2 but found that new Ascent by DaVinci that is really tempting me.
    The Ascent is a MUCH better choice.
  9. In my experience I find that I don't need as much product to get the job done with the Arizer then I do with the davinci. With a group of 4-5 people I would be using a lot less product then I would with the Descent. Again, YMMV but the Arizer is my go to. I just sold my volcano after using the solo for the past 6 months because I prefer it due to its portability and ease of use. However for taste, being able to use it while charging, discreetness, etc. the Davinci wins. But the solo is damn awesome. I just don't find myself using the Ascent anymore. It all depends on what feature are most important for you.
    The battery life on both is comparable. 
    Temperature will definitely play a roll in how long your sessions last for sure.
  10. Ha, thanks. The solo was also tempting but... I didn't like the fragile glass tube. I guess I'll have to buy both ;o) to make up my mind (or twist-up my mind) !!!
  11. I made up my mind and ordered an Ascent. I'll keep you inform of it does succeed an evening or a complete week-end with the boys in the wood. My next w-e in the wood (but this one with electricity) is schedule for September 19-21... stay tuned !

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