Questions about CalMag, SM90 and DM Gold Zone

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  1. I'm running a 4 bucket RDWC system with a 55 gallon reservoir using RO water.  The system I use has drip rings for watering which I usually turn on as soon as I see the seeds start to sprout above their rapid rooters.  I usually do this because I work a 2 week shift and have to leave the ladies alone for 14 days at a time.  I monitor everything from webcams I've set up and the PH is controlled automatically, so is the humidity and temperature.
    I've had problems in the past with algae and pythium so this time I want to run a dead/sterile reservoir using SM90 and Dutch Master Gold Zone.  Because RO water has no nutrients whatsoever (well 0-6ppm worth) I'm wondering how soon should I add CalMag to my water?  Do I add it right off the hop or wait until the seedlings show their 2nd set of serrated leaves? 
    As well, I'm wondering when is it safe to add the SM90 and Gold Zone.  Does that go in right off the hop too or do I wait until the seedlings are a bit bigger?
    As always, any and all help is greatly appreciated.

  2. I've been using the DM zone @ their aggressive strength 12ml per 5 gal for awhile now.

    With any seedling id wait for the cotyledons to yellow up before supplying nutrients.

    Maybe make a calmag foliar spray for the little ones if they look like they need it.

    You will need to add it to your res before too long though.

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