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  1. I have tgwo plants in the ground in One gallon planters in my cousins woods. They are doing well for 1 week and a half old. I want to know how much will i yield if i keep them in these size pots? Should i transplant?? Also how long will it be before i see any sex? i planted 2 weeks ago and i am in ny days go to about 70-75 degrees F and in a month probable in the 80's let me know when i will be able to get soomething?
  2. Leave the ones in ground alone, let them grow, but i hope you dug a hole and put gardening soil in for the plant to grow. Also, a 3g pot should be fine to get you a decent yield, but the more room the roots have to grow, odds are the higher your yield will be. So in pots or in ground, either way. Up to you, and whats convenient. But just think of this, in 2 months, someone could but those woods, and tear them down, and you can save plants that are in the ground, so pots are always good to save your crop.

    - Vince
  3. That is a small container, I start mine in 5 litre pots until they show sex, then the females will go into 11 UK gallon pots (more than 11 in US gallons). The males go to help make next year´s compost.

    One year I kept one in a 5 litre pot until it flowered, just as an experiment. It was very small and stunted compared to its sisters in much larger pots, and I got just over one ounce of dried bud off of it, I seem to remember it was 40 grams.
  4. so you got closer to 2 ounces than. thats not bad. i am gonna germ and plant another 6 in scattered areas so to see what i can get. I am looking to get a pound or 2 at the most. just for my own personal use. i am gonna plant 3 more in the ground of the woods which is excellents soil. There is a lot of vegitation back there and everthing is like compost all the leaves die and get eaten by millions of earthworms back there. if i dig a foot down i see about 30-40 earthworms. The other three i will plant in pots and prob throw some worms in the pots. maybe ill plant 1-2 in 3Gal pots.
  5. No, I got just over an ounce, an ounce being 28.35 grams.

    I can only talk from my own experience but growing in 5 gallon buckets ( and I mean robust UK gallons, weedy little US gallons are a fair bit smaller) I averaged 10 ounce of dried bud per plant.

    Plants in 7.5 gallon containers gave an average of 12.5 ounces. (Best I ever got was in ths size, 16.3 ounces, in the OPOP club.)

    This year I am going up to 11 gallon containers.
  6. So in my measely 1 gal container i can only yeild about 1/2 oz. That is what you are trying to say?
  7. I would estimate between half and 1 ounce, yes. Going by my experiences.
  8. you prolly wont have sex for a while.... OOH the plants. LOL you set yourself up for that (sorta) neways the pots have to be at least 3 gallons and youll see sex after a few nodes. Use nutes if your growing in pots... and try to collect rain water it has nitrogen which is good for your plant.

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