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  1. I am attempting my first grow. I'm am not trying to grow a perfect plant, I just want to suceed in getting a buzz off my own plant. I am growing in a 12"w X 24"h X 12"d cabinet in my basement. It is lined with foil and has two 24" plant growing flouresents. I have 5 one week old seedlings growing so far I plan on keeping only 1 female. Is this space big enough to grow a decent plant, not great, but decent plant? I am following grandpa's grow guide as of right now, but any and all advice would be great. :smoking:
  2. Do you have 24 inches of height with the light hung up in there. Two feet does not leave room for a very large plant and some LST might be in order. Also, you will have to flower early. It is going to be very tight in there.
  3. I agree, it's tight quarters...

    I wouldn't attempt that,but I seek larger yeilds.

    Its definatly possible though if all you seek if a homemade high and some grow experience.

    Low stress straining, SOG, SCROG, FIM, and topping are all subjects you should search for on here, those techniques should make your situation even more possible.

    If you can, bop it up to 2 feet squared box.

  4. Thanks for the feedback :smoke:

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