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  1. ok.. i grow in Soil.. and when i get my HID i wanted to know if 90 days is enough in Soil.. because my neighbor is telling me that it only works with a hydro kit.. i figured ide bring it to you guys to get this little dispute settled..

  2. You can grow in soil indoors under lights!

    Any plant at least 12" tall can be forced flower, so the 90 days may be a bit much to wait before forcing...but what ever suits your grow space. I generally like to start flowering at the 18"-24", the plants are then about 27"-36" when the buds are ready to harvest. What strain are you planning on growing?
  3. 2 Blueberrys from worldwideseeds.. but i didnt mean 90 days to start flowering.. i meant 90 days start to finish..
  4. That sounds about right!
    Blueberrys usually take 6-7 weeks flowering, so 6 weeks veg will probably be ok, remember that if you don't have a lot of space, once you begin flowering, the plant will grow approx a further 50% during the flowering process.

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