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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Rocker705, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. Me and my friend bought a piece for $25 that seems nice, but Im not a pro so i wouldn't know if it is god or not. It has a pretty big bowl but the glass does seem a little thin and is it a bad thing for the "tunnel" where the smoke passes through, to be a normal straight line. I heard it lets the smoke become very harsh and hot so it is not enjoyable to smoke. I rely dont like it?


    Sry Im a noob.
  2. So what is your question again?
  3. Pictures would be quite helpful, just saying.

    From what you describe, I can't say much about the glass because the word "thin" van vary, but it's not bad for the pipe to be in a straight line. The smoke will be harsh in some way or another with a pipe, not gonna lie [since you're a self-proclaimed n00b].

    Easiest way to decide if you don't like it? Smoke out of it and then see. :]
  4. would a bubbler be a good alternative to stop the harshness and burning?

  5. Yes, very much so. My friend and I just smoked out of his bong yesterday, sooo much smoother compared to my pipe.

    If you don't wanna buy one, make a waterfall/grav bong, just youtube it or search it here to find directions.
  6. i meant like a bubbler pipe, the pipes with the thing on the bottom for holding water but its a pipe, not a bong. Actually anything small tht can hold water would b good, thnx for the suggestion.

    Def gonna buy one now

  7. Yeah, I get what you're saying, I was just referring to the fact that both bongs & bubblers use water to filter the smoke is all.

    I've been planning on investing one of those for a little while now so I can have a alternative to a pipe, I just love how smooth the hits are, it's great.

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