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  1. if you have a plant in the sun light the whole day will it burn up?

    cause some of my leaves are turning yellow
  2. I am goign to show about 5 pictures of my plants. i have 2 plant in 1 pot, one is pretty tall and the other one is short. i am going to show you the tall plant first.

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  3. tall pic #2 and yes there both females

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  4. last tall pic i try to show you the hairs on it

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  5. short pic 1 ( my favorite plant)

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  6. last pic side shot of my short one, see how the leaves are yellow with brown tips if someone can tell me why it is doing that it would really help out thanks ... after i got done takin there photos i water them and put them back outside.

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  7. i am a n00b to tell u the truth but my guess is that it could be due to the whole 2 plants one pot thing and they are competing for space and there just isnt enough for the short one and its root bound but dont take my word someone else who knows better tell me if im right or wrong
  8. ^^ correct. 2 plants in 1 pot is no good.
  9. i know your suppose to have 1 per pot but they where both doing just fine untill i gave it feed and then i think it started to burn up but before that they where doing just fine......
  10. yea, i dunno but i did move it into a bigger container so it should have plenty of root room.

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