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  1. Okay so I made a thread the other day about how the girl I'm with now does not use any tongue, like ever, when we kiss, in the 2 months or so we've been chillen. She's not overly prude, and I'm deeeeeeeeeeefinetly no where close to the first dude she's been with... but she jus will not french with me. I've been chill with it up until today. So i called her out on it like... wtf bitch :confused: (except very nice and gentleman like :D). OBVIOUSLY cock blocking myself... like big time. But yeah her response was "idk, its weird, i don't like it". She sounded freal about it but like... really? never heard that before haha. kinda killed the mood, jus ended up chillen n cuddling with a couple of the same beat ass kisses... :(

    so yeah, can anyone tell me why she won't, or if someone out there besides her doesn't like to french.

    Take into note she rrrrrrreeeeallly likes me, as do i
    we've been "together" for 3 weeks now, talked n chilled for like 2 months before that
    i take pride in my hygene, my mouth area is always very clean :D and i chew gum almost constantly so no way my breathe ever smells.

    like either way, i definetly like her... jus like it feels like somethins missin, and its definetly fucking with me. so all my fellow lady tokers.... help?
  2. i'll tell you this dude, not all chicks like tongue, from my experiences. I had a few chicks that would VERY VERY rarely use their tongues and i had ones that used it non-stop. My current girlfiend doesn't like too unless we're basically getting ready to bang. My ex just loved making out and used her tongue A LOT. i've also been told that i'm a pretty good kisser, but then again they all could've just been nice.

    Either way, women are all different. I'm sure there are some dudes out there that don't like it either, but i'm not one of em.
  3. yeah my ex raaaaaaammed her tongue down my throat the first time we kissed haha, so i guess it jus makes it wierd that were not using it.
  4. Well me and my girl never really french anymore either, only sometimes when we have sex.
    But i forgive her most of the time cause she still does very nice BJ's.. altho they are not of very long time span.. she prolly just wants to fuck thats all.
    Im alright.

    dont take it as an offence, if the rest of the sexy-parts are alright, then no worries.
    if not.. then .. dig into it man, see whats up.

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