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  1. i'm going to grow my first plant, and it's only a test to see if i like growing or not. my question is, is it absolutly necessary to top plants?
  2. no its not necessary, but it can be benificial, jus depending on what you want. i dont like topping, i prefer lst
  3. ^^yeah^^
  4. i thought topping gives more yields? whats the pros and cons im a little confused now

    .(sigh) Johnny takes a deep breath and thinks abot the wildy branched herb hes got growing in dumbfoundedness.
  5. yeald can be maximised by any 1 of many ways or even a combination of 2 or more styles.
    multiplant clone garden
    growing a fu%in huge tree of a plant

    a lot of people swear by topping of fimming but it is baised on cuting off a good part of a plant, personaly i dont like to do that if i can avoid it.
  6. I had heard of all of that stuff but "lst"..... What's that? I don't think I've ever read anything about that...
  7. low stress training or lst, its when you take the main grow shoot, or any grow points that have grown quite agressively, and revert or restrict natures plan for them. rather than allow the shoot to grow up, you tie it down where its forced to redirect plant energy to the new shoots growing along the main stem. it also slows down the growth of the main grow points because other areas are given light to be allowed the oppurtunity to catch up with the rest. i have a couple of pictures
  8. here ya go, notice the paper clips that are clipped to the plant and to the pot

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  9. this particular stem is a result of lst

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  10. notice how all the growth on the stem growing up toward the light, the same with the main grow tip

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  11. Sweet man I appericate all the information. I will have to experiment with that. It sorta seems like a scrog type grow without having to deal with the screen. Pretty cool.
  12. i could say it would fit in the same catogory as a scrog, but quite different. you have more control i a scrog grow. when you lst, the only control you really have is which way you want to bend the stems. after that, its pretty much hard to control all the new growth. using this method, ive produced 3x as many grow points then leaving it untrained.

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