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  1. what up doe i was jus about to try n start growin some shit outdoors but i really have no idea how to do it right. Im also tryna have it be some chonic homegrown i was wonderin if somone could hook me up wit some tips on what to do
  2. Read the stickies in the thread and that's a great start to figure out what will work best for you.
  3. Ok if you dont know where to start, then find a beginners guide and read it, then find another just in case the writer of the 1st one didnt cover all the basics like he should have, Everything u need has been typed on here before so their is no reason why one of us should type a couple paragraphs explaining how to start a grow when you can find it on this site. Also try to be more polite when asking a question on a forum and people tend to help you out a little.
  4. I use shit as a fert, but I notice you want to GROW it. You looking to buy a horse??
  5. First, pick up a grammar text book. Second read the stickies.

    Sorry to be so blunt but the answers to your questions are everywhere on the site, for starters lets try the search button.

  6. I dont kno how i was bein unpolite all you had to say was go to the other thread or read some books but ur the one who made yourself sound like a dick with ur fuckin response all i was askin for was some tips sorry I aint on this site jackin off all day and i dont know where all the different threads are.
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    yeah well my bad I havent explored the entire site yet next time I wont even ask you fuckers...and as far as pickin up a grammar book how about you suck on my fuckin dick imma talk however I want....n i really like this site so I aint tryin to get kicked off after i just signed up but you str8 up threw an insult wit that grammer book bullshit and i aint tryna start shit but if i do get kick off dis shit I dont give a fuck

    You need to chill with the disrespect and name calling if you want to remain a member of GC.
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