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  1. are one hitters worth it , I strictly only wanna smoke out of one hitters no blunts no bongs no jays no vapes no bowls no nothing strictly one hitters
  2. I think they are the best, get one that looks like a cigarette because its discrete.  Also they use little weed and are easy to take with you.
  3. thanks for ur info & support
  4. i like them you can get them for 2.99$ that look like a cig at this store a mile from my house. there cheap and easy to cary but if your smoking with friends its a bitch reloading it 50 times lol.
  5. totally worth it
  6. Yea you can buy a dugout which is very nice. It's small, carries a one hitter and your weed, and it's so discreet. I smoke in public with it
  7. You want to strictly only just smoke one hitters and you dont even know if they're worth it?
  8. What do you mean worth it? It cost a few dollars and you can get high with it, it's not like an investmentSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  9. Defintely worth it, get a glass battie, easy to clean, rip it slow and hard, get fucked up, get greens every hit, rip kief bats, the list goes on man...this will change your life

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