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  1. Do you ever turn on the radio or listen to Pandora whilst high and realize that the music just gets you? Like almost every song is one of your favorite songs?

    I'm listening to 'Sublime Radio' on Pandora and a whole bunch of awesome songs are playing. With only a few stupid ones. The perfect mix of newer classics/older classics.

    Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd
    Caress Me Down - Sublime
    Fly - Sugar Ray
    Garden Grove - Sublime
    My Own Worst Enemy - Lit
    Beverly Hills - Weezer
    Wake 'n' Bake - Simplified
    We're only Gonna Die for Our Arrogance - Sublime
    Paint it Black - Rolling Stones
    Beautiful Disaster - 311
    Breakdown - Tom Petty

    ... And it keeps going.
  2. naw I dont have internet shorty
  3. story of my life.
  4. My "Umphreys McGee" pandora is perfect. Heres how a normal progression goes:

    umph-moe-phish-zep-dispatch-floyd-dead-dead-dead-umph-moe-phish-trey anastasio-trace bundy repeat.
  5. Sounds perfect.

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