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Question with pre-cooler and bowl

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Chillll, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. idk but I want that pre cooler....damn man
  2. Sick pre-cooler but idk about the bowl. Im just not big on skulls.
  3. Yes, it'll fit.
  4. Your gold ponyboy its gonna fit

  5. I just have to point out that you spelled "Disclaimer" wrong in your signature.
  6. :D

    thanks for the heads up man:smoke:
  7. I skipped right over that every time I've seen his posts.:smoke:
  8. Those skulls aren't the best build quality, I ordered 1 and the inside bowl was all scratched up, sent it back and the next 1 was the same plus cracked a bit, ended up getting something else when I sent that back and as much as I want a skull bowl promised myself not to get a WS one again. Better to spend 4 times more and get something nicer from a better glassblower like Salt or someone.
  9. It will fit, but please read the rules and RESPECT our community! you're not allowed 2 post competitor site links

  10. Haha no problem. ::smoke:
  11. usually i hate when ppl correct shit like that but this was more of a "dude...u got a MASSIVE booger just chillen in your nose..." type deal. It is appreciated haha.

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