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Question regarding QWET Extractions

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by BringDaRuckuz, Jun 27, 2017.

  1. I did a run last night on a half ounce of some headband buds. Decarbed before winterizing some along with the seperate bottle of 191.

    I did a 3 minute wash while agitating the jar before hand every other minute pretty much for the 3 minutes. After I strained and got it into my Pyrex to evaporate I placed it infront of an open window and had the fan blowing. When all was said and done I had scraped up all that I could, I ended up with only 1.5-1.6 grams of oil.

    Came out pretty good but I was hoping for a little more return.. was hoping for 3-4. I'm wondering if I would have just rewashed the bud again after it dried and added it all together if it would have yielded more. Must add there was no heat involved other than decarbing prior to the run.

    It was my first time so I did okay I suppose, but it messed with my end goal a bit. Any advice on QWET tek to increase yields?

    And it's stable at room temp, not sappy or runny per say but I was wondering how to shatter it up aswell.


    Not too bad for my first run though but ugh.
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  2. You just did one run? I usually do two and keep the material in freezer for a bigger 3rd run that I use all already spent bud for. If you want shatter tho just do one run like you did. How good is the bud? I'd expect at least 2-3 grams from that run also.

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  3. Yea I just did one on it this time, and the bud is some pretty good stuff. I should've just ran it twice lol. My first time doing that kind of extraction though.

    And Ima check the weight again but I'm pretty sure it's a little little shy of 2 grams. And how can I get it to a shatter consistency and have it remain shatter? It's shatter out of the freezer until it sits out for a minute.
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  4. Most shatter I feel is pull n snap at room temp but that's just my opinion. The only times I got straight shatter doing the qwet method was when I put everything in the freezer for 24 hrs and only did about 30-40 seconds for first round. Honestly it is a pain scrapping it and you wouldn't get much outa the 14g. I can pull out my notes when I find them but last time I used like 28g of popcorn nuggets and got about 2.5-3gs outa the first run. I wasn't happy about the return but it was super good! I also ran it for a 2nd run of 3 minutes and got another 2-3gs:)

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  5. Yeah so what I'm understanding is just wash it at least twice next time and I should get what I'm expecting or close.

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  6. Exactly. Only thing I've noticed is that it won't be shatter-like if you combine both runs in less you want a more oily oil. If I'm making a concentrate to smoke I do each round in a different pan or dish. You'll see the difference in each round. First one is usually terpene rich and very shatter like. Second one is usually more oily grabbing all the leftovers n then some. If I'm making a concentrate for baking with(mostly all I do now) I just combine them all together and make an rso type oil. Then decarb of course. :) :)

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  7. Mind if I inbox you I have a question or two?

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