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  1. I have been to NORML's website and clicked on their links for state pot laws....

    I'll use New Hampshire as an example...

    New Hampshire Marijuana Penalties - NORML

    My question is regarding cultivation...

    Lets say you get arrested first offense for less than 1oz ....It's a felony and Incarceration is up to 3 years and fine of up to 25k....

    Over 2oz is 7 years and 100k fine....

    Does this mean someone with a clean record would automatically get jail and fine ? Do you think it would get dropped to something like probation or something with no jail time ? I'm talking first offense here.

    Now I am aware that one pot plant can produce several ounces...So if a person would grow one plant for them self they go to jail for that ?

    I was looking through the various laws, and frankly I'm flabbergasted....

    Oklahoma growing 1 pot plant can land you in jail for the rest of your life ?

    Are the law makers in this state serious ? This can't be ? I don't get it....How can growing one pot plant land you more jail time than a really heinous crime like rape or murder?

    What am I missing here ? Can someone enlighten me ? Did a lawmaker in OK have a kid or something who died from marijuana ?

    Sounds like to me the people who made and passed these laws are the real criminals. Putting someone in jail for life for growing one marijuana plant sure sounds like a criminal act to me....Sure sounds like there is a victim there for sure.....

    Oklahoma Marijuana Penalties - NORML
  2. That's the government for ya.
  3. Yah man oklahoma is ridiculous. But i doubt anyone would get the maximum.
  4. I love how cali is "Gift of less than 28.5 g"
  5. It would seem that Oklahoma is very conservative in nature, consistently voting so through elections/intiatives. I dont mean to offend anyone whom may be conservative here, but many of those that I know whom have this particular stance that is totally against Cannabis.

    Political US map- Oklahoma's past 4 elections remain Conservatively based

    Here is the NORML Status of Oklahoma

    On the fortunate side of things, I had found that a medicinal marijuana bill is being re-introduced in 2012. It had failed originally, and though I expect it to fail again in this particular state, the importance is that it is garnering enough support to be reintroduced. ( a little more than halfway down the page)

    The Compassionate Use Act
  6. Maybe I need to move to a Caribean Island or something
  7. You may do a night in jail and a fine but not the full time I'm sure. I lived in Arkansas ad got busted for accessory and had 1 night in jail and fines/court...and AR is strict about Cannabis

  8. So you say felony with no previous record should be no jail time ?
  9. Well i wouldn't guarantee that but i see no reason why anyone anywhere should be jailed for weed and i'm sure some officials will agree with that.

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