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Question regarding police encounters

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by anatomize, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. Hi, I just recently got my medical card in Colorado. When carrying my medicine with me in my car, and if I get pulled over, should I furnish my medical card and tell the officer that there is marijuana in the car? Or would it be wise to not say anything unless asked? Any help would be greatly appreciated. :smoking:
  2. better off telling him right away i would guess
    and where exactly do you mean by buttfuck nowhere in your location? because i also live in buttfuck nowhere
  3. I was thinking so...

    I live in Erie... lol there's pretty much nothing around here.
  4. yeah if i were you i'd just take my card with me in the car so that way if a cop sees the weed he wont fuck with you if you show hiim your card right away

    and ya thats pretty much the same way mead colorado is...
  5. Yeah just show the police your card, they won't try to take you to court or arrest your, because if they do.....they'll get fucked in court so hard!
  6. A card is nothing more than a legal defense against criminal prosecution. The police are not your friends and they are not there to help you. There job is to fuck you plain and simple. If pulled over, comply with reasonable request. Show your drivers license, your registration and proof of insurance. Answer only yes or No and add no statments. Offer no Statements or confess to having Marijuana in the car. If he wants to write you a ticket for a traffic violation, nothing you can say will change that. If he is feeling like God and wants to show how important he is by giving you a warning, then so be it. Nothing you can say or do will change the outcome of anything. So keep your mouth shut.

    If MJ is discovered, simply state you are within your legal rights to own, posses and transport an amount that is within the limits of State guidelines. Now with that being said, anyone who has in his possession is not very bright. It should be grown at home, used at home and never, never let me repeat that in case you didn't get it, NEVER drive while under the influence of Marijuana or any other legal drug such as Alcohol. Besides, I might be out driving that night and I don't want to be worried about some stoned person driving while under the influence.

    If it is for medicine, then use it at home. If you are trying to get high on a Saturday night, well, have a really good defense and a great lawyer for you are going to need him. If you keep a low profile, you will be okay. If you do stupid things, the LEO will have a field day with you. good luck.
  7. i duno but just curious anywhere in southwestern colorado? a lot of dispensaries are opening up here
  8. "America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards."

  9. ^^^Good advice.^^^ Don't offer any information. Don't consent to a search..........if the LEO asks if you mind if he takes a look around in your car, you simply say "Am I under arrest, or am I free to go?"

    They will try to game you by being all friendly and asking you where you've been? Where are you going? Have you had anything to drink? You need to be very discretionary about how you answer your questions, as they can use whatever you say against you.

    If you get pulled over and LEO asks you to get out of the car, take your keys and lock the door. Even with your recommendation, LEO can confiscate your medicine and make you jump through hoops to get it back.

    It's best to transport your meds in the trunk, or a locked toolbox in the back of your truck.
    Good luck.
  10. That sum's it up pretty good Chunk. I never thought about the locked tool box but it's a good one. If he ask for the key, tell him it's on the other key ring at home.
  11. Yeah man, even though your recommendation is an affirmative defense to possess/use MJ, you still have to be covert and sensible about all your dealings while carrying/possessing it.

    When my wife got her card at our clinic, part of the process was a half hour long video put out by the ACLU that covers everything to do with your civil rights and how to protect yourself from unreasonable search and seizure.

    I found a clip from the ACLU video they showed's got some other links......check it out:

    [ame=""]How to Refuse a Police Search[/ame]
  12. All good advice. I will say it is possible for some to need to transport their medicine (aka getting it from a dispensory and having to transport it home). A lot of people just can't grow their own for various reasons.
  13. Just make sure to transport it in your trunk and never in separate containers or with a scale or something because that could be seen as intent to sell
  14. OP! I live in erie as well, I just moved out here in august. Kinda cool:smoking:
  15. Thanks for the advice guys! I don't smoke and drive or anything, I was just wondering in case I get pulled over on the way back from the dispensary. Huecotoph...I'm sorry for ya

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