Question regarding pipes "drug paraphernalia"

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by RebelINS, May 29, 2009.

  1. When does a "tobacco pipe" become drug paraphernalia? Must it have marijuana resin in it? If you kept your pipe spotlessly clean and took it with you somewhere would it be considered a tobacco pipe or paraphernalia?
  2. If you ever have your pipe with you in the car, make sure it is 100% clean.
  3. That depends on the state/county that you live in. I know in my state that I could drive around with a clean RooR on my passenger seat and tell any police officer that it is for the consumption of tobacco. However, once there is cannabis residue (resin, bong water, unconsumed pieces of bud) that it is now "drug paraphernalia." Being that I am a MMJ patient if the bong or pipe were in my trunk and had resin on it it would be okay because of my MMJ status. If the police were to confiscate it from me they would have to give it back. If the resinated bong were not in my trunk they could say that it could have been used while I was operating my car. At that point I am in judicial limbo and don't know exactly what happens from there. I know in some states even if your pipe is unused and clean it can be considered drug paraphernalia.
  4. well if you're caught with weed and a clean pipe, its a paraphenilia charge along with the possession charge (pretty sure about this but not 100%). if youre caught with a dirty pipe and no weed, its a paraphenilia charge only. if youre caught with a clean pipe, no weed in your car, youre good.

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