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Question: Out of stater buying weed in Denver

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by frodo, Oct 10, 2014.

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    I know non Colorado residents can purchase up to a quarter at a time. But what is at a time? Per store? Per day?

    I mean I get it that I'm not suppose to have more than a quarter on me; but I'm thinking of hitting every store possible and coming back to my home state with 3-5 ounces of weed.

    Anyone tried this? Is it possible?

    In my city quality bud is difficult to come by. Sure would be convient if I could buy all of my weed in Denver and bring it back home with me.
  2. probably not such a good idea, but i do understand how obtaining quality buds in yours state is tough.  Thats a good questions though as I don't really know.  I think its per day, but then how would they be able to regulate that?  You could just go to a different store.  So maybe its per store ha idk man.
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    Yes, I don't want the government to come after me for being thrifty.
    I know this stuff is tracked in some kind of way.

    In my state if you purchase beer or cigs at a Wal Mart or Walgreens they put your DOB in the system.

    Which when I think about it is simply a way of verifying if youre at the age of consent.
  4. it will be expensive as fugh, wasn't in Denver but I picked up in Telluride and Alamosa at dispensaries and it was 20/g and 18/g respectively. Youll be paying top dollar for all those quarters
  5. Price will likely be your biggest issue. The unit price decreases as the quantity increases so therefore it is cheaper to buy all your weed from one place at one time than it would be to purchase separate smaller amounts. 
    I think the purpose of that law is to discourage out of state people from trying to stock up and go back home by making it really impractical to do so; it is likely geared towards people who think they can get a deal in CO and sell it out of state for a higher price, this makes that pretty much impossible for dealers.
  6. Honestly, price means shit to me lol. The fact that I could walk into a dispensary and just buy whatever I wanted... Can't put a price on that man...
    But I'm out of state lol.
    In my eyes I'm just paying a convenience tax lol. Yeah it will be more than on the streets but you'll never get ripped off and they are always open at the time they list. Beats the hell outta any old dealer in my eyes.
  7. I'm sure you can find people to buy bulk from.. it's colorado. 
    but i highly do not recommend repeatedly buying quads from rec stores...
    I think it could be around $80-100 per quad. really not worth it in a bulk price..
    unless you're filthy rich and just want good weed easily. 
  8. buying that much weed and bringing it back out of CO is risky I'd be so paranoid of being stopped and found

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