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  1. What up blades. I've been around for awhile but finally starting my first grow. It will be done in my coat closet downstairs with dimensions of 46in deep, 33in wide, and 78in tall ( will be more once shelves are taken out) had originally thought to put a 400watt air-cooled hood in there at first, but have recently been contemplating about going the extra mile and going with 600 watts. Ive heard more is better watt wise but would 600 be over kill for a space that siZe? Also will be a 2 plant scrog Grow with lemon skunk as my strain if that helps any
  2. Idk if this helps but i think its 100W/plant
  3. O yeah and just dont overdo it and make sure u have good venting and it should b fine
  4. 600 would be good for that space. I'd recommend getting a dimmable digital ballast though as the flexibility it offers is helpful.
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    Yea absolutely lol just stick a 600watter in there and go :), no no def not, I still need to purchase my inline and exhaust fan and carbon filter. But I want to decide on light first so I know the size of fans and ducting I'll need so there are no wasted purchases.
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    Yeah 600 should b fine, also just trynna bumb ur thread cuz i kno it can b hard to get answers for this kind of sht so...
  7. Thanks man appreciate it alot, I was most concerned with the heat off the 600watt but with an air-cooled hood, inline fan sucking air out and then another fan towards the bottom pushing new cooler air in it should be fine, Or atleast barable I think
  8. Yeah man, if u wanna become a proffesor at mj horticulture go to youtube look up videos like ready set grow, then go to google in another tab and search "youtube mp4" try different ones out till u find one that works with your computer and download the video for reference, thats wat i do and ive learned ALOT

    Oh yeah u need quicktime for mp4 or u could just download a diff format
  9. I run a 400w cooltube in a 2x4x7ft tent. HTG 4 inch growbright fan to cool it. I think it's 170 something cfm. Works fine. I have considered getting a 600w, and I think I could cool it, I'd just need a little bigger fan. Go for it dude. You've got more space. You need more light. It will directly effect how much you yield. Do it.
  10. I don't even remember when I started my research for growing, I have been through gc, google, YouTube, other websites and feel Im pretty knowledgeable at this
    Point in time and can grow with a pretty successful yield :). The fan filter combo I had planned on was the "6" combo from hgt supply. It's fan is 424 and comes with the important Carbon filter as well! I guess since it's time to actually start getting supplies I want to be certain of my choices b4 following through. Just curious how many plants u have under ur 400watt and what's your average yield?
  11. If you are not under serious budgetary limits, don't buy that stuff from HTG.

    The hoods are low quality, as is their carbon filters. They are an ok deal I suppose for what you pay, but definitely on the lower quality side.

    Do your best not to skimp on the ballast, filter, or reflector if it's possible. For filters I'd suggest Phresh. They are pretty much the best imo. For hoods, just get whatever you want, but get a name brand one with a good reputation and good reviews. For ballast go with a modern digital over the old magnetic type. Quantum makes really good ones. Digital ballasts weigh much less, make less noise, are more efficient (so less heat is generated), and they can be dimmed. With a 600 watt model you can run your lamp at 600, 450, or 300 watts, with the Quantum models at least. Other companies dim at slightly different levels.

    As I said if you don't have the budget don't stress out over it, but if you can afford it, it's very much worth spending more for the good stuff. The price difference isn't a huge one either.
  12. Thanks man :) Im not insanely knowledgable about fans or filters yet but I'm getting there. I had planned on grabbing a digital greenhouse 600watt ballast and the easycool "6" reflector. Any thoughts on those?
  13. Any1 else got something to say about it??? Curious To hear peoples opinion
  14. I would say that the choice of lighting comes down to whether you want to light that space or light two plants, you've indicated both. Two plants won't take up that entire space, so if truly only 2 plants then you could go with a 250w or certainly need no more than the 400w. If so you probably would want to create "walls" to pen in the grow area, could just be use a corner of the closet as two walls of the grow and two pieces of plywood coated with flat bright white paint or mylar as the other two walls. You could fit more plants into that space (over 10 sq ft) and if so then the 600w could be a good choice, even a 1kw if you want to grow wall-to-wall.
  15. Here's the closet sorry for the bad angle but its the best I could do ATM lol, where the corner is on the right is where I'll put the first piece of plywood and bring it to the door then another piece to bring to the other wall to the left to box it off. And so be able to cut holes into those 2 sections for intake outtake ports and the shelves are coming out as well. I'll go with the 600watt for right now. Even with 2 plants I'm still doing scrog and more wattage is always better,
    Atleast that's what I've heard. Thoughts?

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  16. Yes those 2 plants will use up all the light from a 600 watt just fine. I had a single plant once that had a diameter of 3 feet wide all the way around with roughly 15 or so colas all at the same height. Just my single plant could have used all the light from a 600 watt no problem.
  17. Good to hear :), mind if i ask your yield on that plant?
  18. Somewhere around 9 ounces or so. Not that great really considering how big the thing was. I think I could have got at least 11+ zips if it was a higher yielding strain, but it was a low yielding afghani indica. It was under a 1000 watt HPS, along with a couple other smaller plants.

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