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  1. So i was snoopin around my dad's house and found about a 1/2 oz of some bud which was wierd because i never thought he smoked because he always tells me not to do it..anyways, it is unlike anything ive smelled or seen before. IT has a lemony/pine-sol'ish smell to it and it was a very dark green. It's very 'leafy' and loose, it had no seeds and it crumbled so easliy when i broke me out a blunt of it to try. When i smoked it, it had such a weird after taste..Like a really stinky like taste, but it was oddly satisfying, plus this shit got me blazed after that one blunt. I showed it to one of my more experienced friends, and he said it looked like it had been freshly picked..sorry for the bad description but anyone have any ideas on what it is? much appreciated
  2. Pictures would definately be nice, but if you're talking about what im envisioning in my head, then you just found a half o of dank :hello:. I picked some dank up a few days ago actually that looked/smelled/tasted how you describe, and it was some dank for sure.

    enjoy that half:D
  3. Only one way to find out:smoke:

    thats right you get what i mean:p

    take it to a lab to get anaylzed by a team of independent professionals, mainly botanists

    man that would be g to the angsta
  4. Ask your dad for his hookup. Only solution
  5. The wouldnt be an awkward convo. WOuld love to see/hear that BTW
  6. get us some pics... Its hard to tell otherwise

    Probably some outdoor
  7. Do what my friend used to do, pick it till he notice's and eventually he will ask you about it and if your lucky you and him might spark up, or he us gonna whoop you lol.
  8. Why would fresh herb crumble easily? From my experience, fresh herb is usually a bit more moist/wet and harder to bust whereas the longer the herb sits and dries out the easier it is to finger-bust.
  9. yeah i ended up taking the rest of his half :rolleyes:...been smokin it with my friends and they love it

    my dad hasn't said anything to me about it yet lol
  10. Wtf is it with people? A friend of mine found out his cousin smokes and is all scared about asking him and shit like he's going to kill him. How is it awkward to ask someone if they smoke and can get some? Guess its just because most of my family does that its no big deal to me.

    I hope he catches you and beats you into a coma for taking the rest of his half. Fucking theives.
  11. Taking all that bud from him is just wrong.
  12. Well your experienced friend must not be very experienced since freshly picked bud doesn't crumble at all! haha
  13. dude you gotta prank him. wait till he is about to come home and sit in front of the door with the weed. when he walks in be like we need to talk. and then when he starts explaining himself be liek naaah i'm fucking with you lets get baked.
  14. There it is!

  15. Do it as soon as possible!
  16. *dissapointed voice* dad.......we need to talk.....*throws dad sack*.....................NAAAHHHHHH let's just get baked:smoke::smoke:


    sounds like an awesome idea

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