Question on roots.

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  1. I found a seed in my mix so naturally I germinated it and planted it.

    My problem is I think it's growing upside down if that's even possible... When it broke the serface of the soil it wasn't the seed casting and little leaves but what looks like the root.

    It's sitting in a Jiffy Terrarium right now and I'm not sure if I should just leave it or cut the peat casting and re-plant it.

    Thanks for any help and I'll still look for information online but so far I haven't gotten anything.
  2. The one time that happened to me I just gently used a pair of tweezers and flipped the sucker over. It was fine.
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    Allright flipped and planted... on a side note if it doesn't start to flurish in the next few days (turn greener ect) should I try a rooting compound on it or would that kill off the plant?

    Thanks again for the info :)
  4. It's going to take more than a few days before the intial leaves and cotyledons develop from the sprout. Until then DO NOT FEED or give it anything besides plain water. It's in one of the most sensitive stages in life and doesn't need any supplemental feeding at this point. A little side note, cannabis plants are acutally very drought resistant plants. There's no need to water every day. So be sure not to over water the little guy. Good luck :).
  5. Thanks allot :)

    I haven't really given it more than enough water to keep the terrarium and puck nice and moist other than that I've just been worrying about my plant. :rolleyes:

    And I boil all the water and let it cool before hand... Don't think they'd like the chlorine.

    Other than that I've been reading into as much as I can... due to a 54 plant failure on my first try I'm starting small and learning as I go.

    Leason learned last time was don't over water and make sure they don't get cold. :(

    Thanks allot again for all the info.
  6. Ouch! 54 plant failure.

    I think some folks place an airstone in some tap water overnight to let the chlorine evaporate rather than boiling it. I also think that boiling it might concentrate the dissolved solids already in the water? But if something isn't broken, don't fix it right?
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    A disadvantage of using towels to germinate your seeds.
    Noobs plant the sprouts upside down.

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