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Question on pipes/bowls.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by whereami, May 5, 2011.

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    Hey, I'm going to my second pickup ever tomorrow. I've only ever smoked 5 times in my life, all in the past fortnight, only ever used joints. I roll pretty thin joints really so I'd say maybe .5g in one at the most? I have them all to myself and they knock me on my ass.

    I'm thinking of investing in a nice glass pipe because I've heard good things about them conserving your weed and such. How much would you recommend I pack a bowl with to get as high as I do with the joint?

    Some random facts I've seen tossed about is that smoking a joint only gets 10-20% of the THC in your weed into your system, but a glass pipe delivers around 45%, is that true?

    TL: DR, How much would you recommend me packing a bowl with to get as high as I would with a joint. (It'll be some mids, nothing dank)

  2. 1 bowl pack usually does it for me :smoke:

  3. Alright thanks, I think I'll get one and just give it a try ^^
  4. Depending on the size of the bowl, but experiment a little. However, try 3/4ths of the amount you put in a joint, and you should be flyin' high :]
  5. If you got a little money, get a bubbler...

    If you got more money, get a bong....

    If you got extra money around, get a vaporizer....

    Personally I hate pipes. I always have papers, gone through 6 bongs, a bubbler and a vape but Ive never had a pipe. They taste the worse and get you less high. A bong will burn your weed twice as fast but if your new one bong toke will put u in a place you've never been. A vape conserves the weed and itlll take you 20 min to smoke .5g but it'll be the most satisfying high ever.
  6. Currently I'm saving up for the MFLB. Just because its portable and easily hidden, need to hide my habit from the rents. I would get a bong but there's no where I could easily hide one, or a bubbler for that matter, without it being damaged. When I get a new place I'll definitely invest in a bong, I just wanted to try out some other methods of toking. Thanks for the advice though.

    Alright thanks, I think I'll get one and just experiment :)
  7. Usually .3/.4 will get me good and high for two hours. Two or three of those will get me lifted.

  8. Cheers, like I said before I'll just experiment. I have zero tolerance what so ever so it should be good no matter what.
  9. 2 glass bowls is a joint

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