Question on Marijuana root. First Plant.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by SIR_JANE, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. Okay so I planted this baby maybe like 2 or 3 weeks ago. And checked up on it today. To my amazement the root the white part is waaaay sticking out...I think I didn't put the seed to deep or something. Here is the picture. My question is should I relocate it? Or what I dont want it to die. Please help.[​IMG]
  2. You can try repotting it....thats weird though....????

  3. What do you mean repotting it?
  4. What size is your pot? How close do you keep your light? What kind of light?
  5. When people say repot they mean taking the plant out of current pot and putting it in bigger one. I think you should just re bury it. It'll make the roots stronger too. Bury it up to the leaves

  6. But wouldnt that traumatize the plant it looks pretty young. By the way I also have it in a big ass pot where a paml tree is also planted lol If I should re bury it you know any way to do it with ease without hurting it

  7. Like I said its big pot a palm tree is buried there. I didnt expect it to grow I kinda figured I would just throw a seed in there and bam next thing you knwo i see that.
  8. It won't be hurt, It's not good for a plants roots to be exposed their designed to sick nutrients from the soil. It can't do that if It's not underground. It only needs leaves above ground to photosynthesize. The stem is to help it reach for the light but since you control the distance of the light you'll be fine. :)
  9. Maybe try packing the soil a bit more. It should be slightly loose but not so loose that it sinks away from your plant when watered.
  10. Sorry much phone is show with updates. You don't need to repot it. That pots plenty big.
  11. The seedling is stretching looking for light,the white thing is the stalk.It still has its first leaves(the round ones) those leaves feed the plant.You might be able to transplant it into a Solo cup with loose soil (be careful) it wont do well planted next to a large palm tree.Once you replant it,put it next to a 23w CFL bulb(about an inch from top of plant) on 24/7, until those little round leaves fall off.Then post more pics so we can help from there....good luck!

  12. Yo good looking. How Should I go about moving it? Get a fat chunk out?
  13. Yea,get a large spoon and dig a big chunk around it and put it in your cup...remember not to fill the cup up,go about 3/4 so you can add a little around the stem to help stabilize it.Once you have it in the cup moisten the soil (dont drench it) and dont fertilize until those two lower leaves fall off...and dont forget the light.then post more pics.

  14. Just moved the plant and failed...the sand was too moist it feel apart i had to pick up the root :( I put the root more deeper though hopefully it lived
  15. cool...just be patient,dont forget the light.Those little F-ers are tough.
  16. ... Dude research before you start growing, this goes to any beginners.

  17. I honestly did not mean to grow it lol I just kinda threw it in there and said fuck it if it grows it grows and apperantly it did lol

  18. Oh ok, it was a bagseed :p All good.

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