question on making a 2-6 bong

Discussion in 'General' started by brian8472, Dec 27, 2003.

  1. hi i have a 2-6 of whiskey and wanted to make a bong out of it and was wondering if i can use the cap modified into a bowl but would this work or is the cap have soluble chemicals that are harmful?
  2. whats a 2-6 of whisky?

    but if the caps aluminum i wouldnt use it. go to the hardware store and pick up some steel parts.
  3. are there any peices i can use that can be found at home?
  4. tin foil, a co2 cartridge sawed in half with a hacksaw, a socket for a socket wrench, the list goes on and on. be creative.
  5. ya be creative lol, i used a trumpet mouthpiece for my best creation, but i would suggest a socket for a socket wrench, you should stick it through the cap of a gatorade bottle or something and it will make a real nice gravity bong

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