question on lst during flowering

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ChronikTokR, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. any thoughts. i have 2 female bag seed plants i have been lsting since day 1 and they are currently 2-3 weeks into flowering. i have both main colas tied at a 90 degree angle and all the side branches pulled out and tied to the sides of the pot. can i leave it like that through flowering to maximize yeild or should i letem loose. also for my next grow i wanna startem in dixie cups after germ. then put them in gallon milk jugs for two weeks then move to 3 gallon buckets for final container. will this work? how tall will a 3 gallon bucket let them get? and if its best to use a 5 gallon how tall are they and whats the radius of them?
  2. I leave them tied down the whole way through till harvest.
  3. i think the general rule of thumb is 3 feet tall for a 3 gallon pot, but dont quote me.
  4. dierwolf is the man to answer your question,,,,,but ive read elsewhere,,that its ok to leave them tied,,,dier said the only reason he unties his is to reuse the string but he said leaving them tied was fine,,,,,vocal 420,,,,is another one on here you can get some good lst info. on

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