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question on glycerin tincture and what to use

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by skiandblaze, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. Hey everyone, not sure if this belongs here, but I am going to make a glycerin tincture for foods and for my electronic cigarette very soon. The only question i have is, should i use 7.5 grams of hash or 14 grams of weed. both are the same price. Which would go the furthest in your opinion. With hash, i have been told i do not have to strain it out after, but would this affect the cartomizer or atomizer on an e cig? It is some really dank weed but some really good hash too. Should i make it all into hash oil using isoprophyl, and then make a glycerin tincture? thank you all :)
  2. I would say hash. It takes less time to make, and its far less plant material and more active ingredients
  3. also i want a very potent tincture, so you think hash would be the way to go? should i make the hash into hash oil and then make a tincture for extra potency and a smoother product so it works in an e cig?
  4. I don't think hash oil is necessary, it won't affect the absorption any more or less.
  5. thanks, and if i use hash, do i even have to strain it out after? or just let it be part of the oil?
  6. Glycerin is a generally 'clean' tincture as it is, but using hash is cleaner; you won't pull in as much inert plant matter, chlorophyll, plant waxes etc., which can gunk up and severely reduce the life of your atomizer. It's also MUCH easier to concentrate. :)

    I only use a hash tincture in my e-cigs, and a herb tincture for everything from low-temp cooking, to sublingual/buccal use.
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    Well if your gonna be using your ecig, I would strain it. But there should be very little to strain if you get good hash
  8. wow thanks a bunch bad kitty. that guide is awesome :). So i shouldn't strain the hash after? i can either use bubble hash which i made or hash which i buy which is dank but it is crumbly which i think would be good. I just hope by not straining it it wont gunk it up ya know. Do you strain your hash from tinctures?

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