Question on getting more bud.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by nathan51, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. Lets say instead of giving my plants 4 weeks to veg, i gave them 6 or even 7, this will make my plants bigger. than i go in to flowering stage for 2 full months. Will this give me more bud?

    is it even possible to grow ur plants longer, to get them bigger, to ultimilty get more bud?

    -i am a noob.

  2. Yes, yes and yes.
    Veg for as long as you can. Bigger plant= more buds.
  3. hey man, bigger the better :smoke: veg them as big as you can to make a 3x stretch still fit in your space, and then grow some fat buds :smoke: peace bro
  4. ya forsure the longer the veg the bigger and more buds u will get just remember plants grow VERY rapidly during flowering the, just make sure u dont veg them so long that when u flower them they will outgrow the box b4 they are done...
  5. How do you know how much they will grow? Say you have 4ft of space a available, how much of that height should be taken up by veg vs. fowering?
  6. You have four feet total? So that will be about three feet for the plant? You should put them into flower when they are around 12 to 18 inches i would say.

  7. In general, just go with a 3:1 ratio. Some plants triple their size when in flower. Keep to this formula and you won't run out of space but, just know that each strain is different though.

  8. If it's Sativa ( very thin leaf) then flower small, if Idica (wide leaf) flower like above mentioned

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