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Question on direct inject?

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by smokinbudzzz, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. I have a steve gelb oil rig but it has a 18mm for 18mm slides and I want to put a dome on it. Where can I get a attachment so I can use a dome? Also what are they called? 18mm to direct inject?

  2. They are generally called a male to male adapter. So you would want an 18 male to 18 male(given your dome(s) are 18mm). They can be found all over the interwebz, aquatic labs & high priority will have them. But you can probably find one a lot cheaper on etsy or somewhere else.

  3. Awesome man thanks. Im looking for a dome anyways so ill probably just buy a dome that comes with the adaptor :)
  4. Dude how can you afford these man? you have one of the fucking sickest collections anybody has an here and it's fucking dope

    props to the max

  5. Lol i dont think so. Their are a bunch of guys on here with much better glass then me.
  6. Humble too lol
  7. Nahhh man u talk about spending racks everyday. Ur shits dope im not hatin qt all
  8. isnt that the rig you won or something, but for some reason it has a female joint on it...

    maybe it's meant for a curve, if you want you can get a curve and you wouldnt need the male to male converter. it would be more expensive tho.
  9. Lol i dont talk about spending "racks" everyday. Thanks for the complement though.

    I would rather have a dome but yeah i might just go and get a curve. I do have a zach p curve but its 14mm :( And naw man i didnt win this piece i bought it at a LHS.

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